What can you do? – You can do a lot! Here are actions you can take today for the health of your watershed:

  • Join FRWA and Volunteer Your Time and Talents!
  • Use Less Water Indoors and Out– Shorten your shower; turn the water off while brushing your teeth; install low-flow fixtures; capture rain and roof run-off to water your yard; use low-water landscaping. It all helps!
  • Save the Buffers – Leave a broad belt of well-grown vegetation on stream banks or wetland edges – it keeps pollutants from reaching our waterways.
  • Skip the Lawn-Care Pesticides – These routinely find their way into our surface and groundwater supplies. Pesticides are hazardous to your health (especially children), pets, and wildlife, and they contaminate your water supply. More info on the Pesticide-Free Lawn Initiative.
  • Maintain Septic Systems – Poorly maintained and failing septic systems contribute bacteria and excess nutrients to streams and groundwater, making them unsafe for drinking or swimming.
  • Soak up the Rain—Hard surfaces like roofs, driveways, sidewalks, and patios send polluted runoff to storm drains.  Make places in your yard for that runoff to percolate.
  • Be River SmartTake the Pledge!
  • Enjoy – Take some time to dip your toes in the water and feel lucky to have a river that does so much for so many.