Interested in the E.coli levels in the river and tributaries in your town? Click on the map to see where the FRWA takes samples and the sample results. To read more about the Water Quality, click here. To see the weekly updates on the levels of E.coli check out:

ArcGIS map of bacteria sampling sites available here.

Lower Farmington River Sample Sites (Photos)

TB-A1 Thompson Brook on Thompson Road
NB-A1 Nod Brook on Nod Brook WMA Bridge

BB-B1 Bunnell Brook Rte 179 Bridge

CB-C1 Cherry Brook Rte 44 Bridge

FR-EG1 Farmington River Rte 187 Spoonville Bridge

RO-F1 Roaring Brook on Cottage Street Bridge Rte 167
FR-F1 Farmington River on Town Gardens, Meadow Road
PR-F1 Pequabuck River on Meadow Road
FR-F2 Farmington River at the Grist Mill Dam

SB-EB1   East Branch Salmon Brook on Rte 189 Bridge
SB-2        Salmon Brook at Granbrook Park
MS-S1     Minister Brook on Latimer Lane and Rte 10
RB-S1     Russell Brook at Weatogue Park on Rte 10
FR-S1      Farmington River on Rte 185 at the Pinchot Sycamore
MB-S1     Munnisunk Brook at Town Farm Dairy
SB-WB3  West Branch Salmon Brook at Salmon Brook Park, Granby
FR-S3      Farmington River at Riverside Drive Boat Launch
HB-S1      Hop Brook Old Bridge Road Flower Bridge
FR-S2      Farmington River at Paine Boathouse Crew Dock

FR-W1  Farmington River at River Street Park
PB-W1  Phelps Brook on Rte 75 MDC Poquonick
ML-W1  Mill Brook on East Street Bridge
FR-W2  Farmington River at Pleasant St Park boat Launch Rte 159

Upper Farmington River Sample Sites (Photos)

FR-1 Farmington River – Upstream Sandy Brook – Riverton Rt 20 Park
FR-2 Farmington River – Downstream Sandy Brook confluence – Baseball park
FR-3 Farmington River – Upstream New Htfd WPCF – Black’s Bridge Rd.
FR-4 Farmington River – Downstream New Htfd WPCF – Satan’s Kingdom

SR-1 Still River – Harris Dr. at bridge across from last gravel op.
SR-2 Still River – Northwestern Comm. College Whiting Street
SR-3 Still River – White Street Upstream WPCF
SR-4 Still River – Rt. 20 Bridge West of Rt. 8 intersection

MR-1 Mad River – Grantville Rd @ Smith Pond-park @ Land trust
MR-2 Mad River – Mill & Rugg Brk @ Rugg Bk Rd-DEP access off Rt. 44
MR-3 Mad River – Meadow St. @ bridge-park at old firehouse
MR-4 Mad River – Dunkin Donuts/Dtwon Winsted-confluence w/Still Rvr

MB-1 Morgan Brook – Bsullak Rd-before W.Hill Rd. US of road xing
MB-2 Morgan Brook – E. W.Hill Rd @ Rt 44 bridge crossing-DS Mallory
MB-3 Morgan Brook – Rt 181 next to woodworking factory DS rd xing

Massachusetts Farmington River Sample Sites


WBFR-15577-Otis  West Branch Farmington River – Country Fare Bookshop

WBFR-19312-Otis  West Branch Farmington River – Izaak Walton, Tannery Rd

Thom-140-Otis        Thomas Brook – pull-off Rt. 8

Shal-716-Otis          Shales Brook – Camp Lenox

WBFR-20220-Otis   West Branch Farmington River – Camp Klondike

Mine-37-Otis            Miner Brook – Cold Spring Rd.

Fall-160-Otis            Fall River – Reservoir Rd.

Unna-51-Otis           Unnamed tributary between Big Pond and Otis Reservoir – Near the marina

Unna-186-Otis         Unnamed tributary between Big Pond and Otis Reservoir – at the snowmobile bridge


Bent-526-Sandisfield        Benton Brook – N. Beech Plain Rd.

Sand-15350-Sandisfield   Sandy Brook – Rt. 183 just over MA/CT line

Buck-1030-Sandisfield      Buck River – Rt. 57

Silv-877-Sandisfield          Silver Brook – W. New Boston New Hartford Rd.

Clam-2000-Sandisfield      Clam River – Behind the library

WBFR-5680-Sandisfield    West Branch Farmington River – picnic pull-off on Rt. 8


WBFR-727-Tolland      West Branch Farmington River – at the steel bridge


Hubb-1460-Granville    Hubbard River – State Park parking area