The Upper Farmington River is designated as Wild & Scenic. Sampling is done by the FRWA and taken to the MCD (Metropolitan District Commission) Lab at the Water Treatment Facility in Bloomfield for analysis.

Postings of the E.coli levels will let you know more about the status of the river. The numbers in the chart below indicate a sample. Remember a sample is just that, a sample. At the end of the year the FRWA can calculate a geometric mean. Right now you can see how the numbers change depending on factors such as heavy rain increasing pollutant runoff, etc. Click here for photos of the sites.

E. coli is not considered safe in drinking water at any levels; however the current standards for recreational use levels of E.coli are posted by the CT DEEP as follows. There are no “designated swimming” areas in the Lower Farmington River. Use this as a guide for understanding the numbers in the chart below.

Designated Swimmingless than 126/100ml235/100ml
Non-designated Swimmingless than 126/100ml410/100ml
All Other Recreational Usesless than 126/100ml576/100ml

2021 E.coli Chart


SITE IDSTREAM NAMECollection DateE.Coli Colonies/100 ML
MR-1Mad River6/6/20227.3
MR-1Mad River6/20/20223.1
MR-1Mad River7/11/202221.1
MR-1Mad River7/25/202231.3
MR-1Mad River8/22/202288.6
MR-1Mad River


SITE IDSTREAM NAMECollection DateE.Coli Colonies/100 ML
MR-2Mad River6/6/202235.9
MR-2Mad River6/20/202212.2
MR-2Mad River7/11/202226.9
MR-2Mad River7/25/202232.7
MR-2Mad River8/8/202221.6
MR-2Mad River8/22/202220.3
MR-3Mad River6/6/20228.5
MR-3Mad River6/20/202221.1
MR-3Mad River7/11/20229.8
MR-3Mad River8/22/202221.8
MR-3Mad River
MR-3Mad River
MR-4Mad River6/6/2022133.3
MR-4Mad River6/20/2022185
MR-4Mad River7/11/2022770.1
MR-4Mad River7/25/2022261.3
MR-4Mad River8/8/20221299.7
MR-4Mad River8/22/2022517.2
SR-2Still River6/6/2022184.2
SR-2Still River6/20/2022260.3
SR-2Still River7/11/20221553.1
SR-2Still River7/25/2022>2419.6
SR-2Still River8/8/2022387.3
SR-2Still River8/22/2022185
SR-3Still River6/6/2022146.7
SR-3Still River6/20/2022248.1
SR-3Still River7/11/2022260.3
SR-3Still River7/25/2022307.6
SR-3Still River8/22/202250.4
SR-3Still River
SR-4Still River6/6/2022172.2
SR-4Still River6/20/2022248.1
SR-4Still River7/11/2022127.4
SR-4Still River7/25/20221553.1
SR-4Still River8/22/2022155.3
SR-4Still River


SITE IDSTREAM NAMECollection DateE.Coli Colonies/100 ML
SR-1Still River6/6/2022107.6
SR-1Still River6/20/202247.9
SR-1Still River7/11/202264.4
SR-1Still River7/25/202298.7
SR-1Still River8/22/202238.3
SR-1Still River


SITE IDSTREAM NAMECollection DateE.Coli Colonies/100 ML
FR-1West Branch Farmington River6/6/20228.6
FR-1West Branch Farmington River6/20/202232.7
FR-1West Branch Farmington River7/11/20229.7
FR-1West Branch Farmington River8/22/20227.5
FR-1West Branch Farmington River
FR-1West Branch Farmington River
FR-2West Branch Farmington River6/6/202217.5
FR-2West Branch Farmington River6/20/20227.3
FR-2West Branch Farmington River7/11/20228.5
FR-2West Branch Farmington River7/25/202255.6
FR-2West Branch Farmington River8/22/202224.1
FR-2West Branch Farmington River
MB-1Morgan Brook6/6/202219.9
MB-1Morgan Brook6/20/202232
MB-1Morgan Brook7/11/202210.8
MB-1Morgan Brook7/25/202274.3
MB-1Morgan Brook8/8/2022114.5
MB-1Morgan Brook8/22/2022648.8
MB-2Morgan Brook6/6/202225.9
MB-2Morgan Brook6/20/202219.9
MB-2Morgan Brook7/11/202226.5
MB-2Morgan Brook7/25/202255.4
MB-2Morgan Brook8/8/20221046.2
MB-2Morgan Brook8/22/202251.2
MB-3Morgan Brook6/6/20226.3
MB-3Morgan Brook6/20/20227.4
MB-3Morgan Brook7/11/20223.1
MB-3Morgan Brook8/8/202224.9
MB-3Morgan Brook8/22/20224.1
MB-3Morgan Brook


SITE IDSTREAM NAMECollection DateE.Coli Colonies/100 ML
FR-3West Branch Farmington River6/6/202298.7
FR-3West Branch Farmington River6/20/202254.8
FR-3West Branch Farmington River7/11/202239.9
FR-3West Branch Farmington River7/25/202261.7
FR-3West Branch Farmington River8/8/202298.7
FR-3West Branch Farmington River8/22/202228.8
FR-4Farmington River6/6/202272.2
FR-4Farmington River6/20/202248
FR-4Farmington River7/11/202239.9
FR-4Farmington River7/25/2022104.3
FR-4Farmington River8/8/202276.8
FR-4Farmington River8/22/202269.1