“Clean and safe water to drink, bathe and recreate in is paramount to human health and human spirit.”

We depend on our river to provide clean, safe water for drinking, recreation, and wildlife.  Meeting this basic need requires citizen action to complement the work of government agencies. FRWA staff and volunteers collect and record credible water quality data, and work with residents, towns and the state to maintain and improve water quality in our watershed.

FRWA’s Water Quality Monitoring Project was launched in 2004, after the release of the “State of the Watershed” report which analyzed water quality, impediments to flow, and other stressors on the river and its tributaries. The program assesses the health of the Farmington River by:

  • establishing a baseline of water quality information.
  • identifying long and short term changes in water quality and land use.
  • involving partners and educating residents of the Watershed.

Bacteria in the Farmington River

Aquatic Insect Monitoring

Water Temperature Monitoring & Climate Change

Water Quality Map

Stream Walks

Waste Water Monitoring

What Can You Do?