FRWA believes its regional presence and long history of land use protection/recreational use are benefits to spearheading a regional approach to greenway designation within the Farmington River Watershed. A long term goal is to promote greenway designation through the Connecticut Greenways Council and with supportive towns.

Designation is desired for the entire Farmington River stretch (within Connecticut), including where appropriate main tributaries of the Farmington River and with connections to other greenways/trail systems just outside of the watershed.  Our approach is to work cooperatively and in partnership with watershed towns and others.  However, FRWA will not seek greenway designation should a host town not be supportive of such greenway designation.

Below are links and other useful information related to Greenways within or connect to the Watershed:

Recently Connecticut Designated State Greenways:

These 2014 applications were made possible through a grant by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

Previous FRWA Greenway Planning Efforts:

Officially Designated Connecticut Greenways within the Watershed (year designated):

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