The “Farmington Valley Biodiversity Project” (FVBP)

is an inter-municipal collaboration involving seven contiguous towns located within the Farmington River Valley of Connecticut. These towns include Avon, Canton, East Granby, Farmington, Granby, Simsbury and Suffield. The primary objectives of the FVBP are:

  1. Collect and map comprehensive data on the biological resources within the seven town area;
  2. Identify and map priority conservation areas for incorporation within each town’s Plan of Conservation and Development to help guide municipal planning and decision making regarding land use; and,
  3. Promote awareness of the regions unique ecological communities, the importance of biodiversity, threats to biodiversity, and the role that various municipal commissions can take towards the conservation of biodiversity.

The project is coordinated by Metropolitan Conservation Alliance (a program of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS/MCA)), and the Farmington River Watershed Association (FRWA).

The official FVBP report was released to the local working group in February 2007. Along with the official report, FRWA is working on a set of implementation support documents that have been designed to help land use officials and town citizens understand the “toolbox” of available conservation measures that will help protect our Valley’s natural heriage.

The official report, along with inidividual maps and implemntation docuements are available below.

Biodiversity Project Report Documents

The Farmington Valley Biodiversity Project

Official report. Includes letter sized maps and graphics. PDF (3.6mb)

Canton Map Example
11″ x 17″ maps of Conservation Areas by Town.

As a follow -up to the release of the Biodiversity Study Final Report, FRWA is working with towns to promote implementation of land use practices that will protect the important natural areas described in the final Biodiversity Report. Read more about the FRWA Land Use Program.