Geographical Information Systems
FRWA offers geographical information system (GIS) services to towns and non-profit organizations within and adjacent to the Farmington River Watershed.  GIS has been used extensively at FRWA for over 15 years and FRWA has the capability to assist in providing GIS support or needs to projects.  FRWA’s GIS capabilities range from map generation to detailed spatial analysis for environmental and land use planning projects. The Watershed is skilled in utilizing and synthesizing existing data sources such as tabular, CAD, remote sensing, vector, and others into a GIS to conduct countless types of spatial analysis.  The following areas represent FRWA’s GIS expertise:
  • Environmental Resource Assessments
  • Natural Resource Inventories
  • Visual Impact Analysis
  • Land Use / Zoning
  • Change Analysis
  • Build Out Analysis
  • Greenway Mapping
  • Posters / Presentations

Biodiversity Project

Greenways Planning

Vernal Pools

Watershed Maps


ECPEmblemFRWA is appreciative of the Esri Conservation Program for supporting FRWA’s GIS efforts by providing grant software support.

2013 ECP Status Report

2010 ECP Status Report