The Farmington River system is a world of fishes, invertebrates, and plants— living in stream corridors that run right through our world of roads, dams, culverts, downtowns, industrial areas, and neighborhoods.

To keep this river community thriving, we need to understand and document the effects of our world on theirs, and take constant action to preserve or restore good stream habitat.

FRWA’s top habitat protection priorities are to

  • Restore free movement of fish and other animals up and down the river corridor.  FRWA is involved in removing or improving dams and culverts, and monitoring the success of these projects.
  • Maintain native plant communities on the riverbanks, floodplains, and wetlands of the corridor.  FRWA projects include controlling invasive species , establishing streamside buffers, and gathering data on plant communities.

Buffer Projects: Windsor First Church Riverside Buffer and Streambank Enhancement