Our elementary curriculum lessons are listed below. Click on a lesson name to access the PDF. The lessons are an integrated, place-based approach to science, language arts, social studies, art, and math. They are age-appropriate, easy to implement, and supported by facts and data from the FRWA. These materials have been designed to complement state curriculum standards including the new science core standards.

The lessons are presented with a weekly theme and there are 5 lessons per week.  Most lessons can be used independently. For more details on the key questions and vocabulary that students will tackle, or to search by keyword to find the best fit for your students click here!

Contact Heather Geist if you have any education questions or curriculum requests.

Week 1: Water, Its Uses & Importance
Lesson 1:
Water Limits

Lesson 2:
Water Reflections
Lesson 3:
Water Ups & Downs
Lesson 4:
Water Wheres
Lesson 5:
Water Reserves
Week 2: The Farmington River Watershed
Lesson 6: Water WaysLesson 7: Water LinesLesson 8: Water ConnectionsLesson 9: Water FlowsLesson 10: Water Recreation
Week 3: Watershed Ecosystems
Lesson 11: Water CreaturesLesson 12: Water FindsLesson 13: Water WebsLesson 14: Water WildsLesson 15: Water Threats
Week 4: Going Back to the Past
Lesson 16: Water MatchesLesson 17: Native WatersLesson 18: Colonial ChangesLesson 19: Farmington CanalLesson 20: Walk to the Past
Week 5:Water Pollution and Monitoring
21: Storm Waters22: Water Spills23: Water Wear24: Riparian Wear25: Industrial Water
Week 6:Water Protection and Conservation
26: Water Preserves27: Water Watchers28: Water Protection29: Water Around the World30: Water Locations

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