• School Programs. FRWA offers one-day or one event presentations to meet the specific requests of various organizations: municipalities, school groups, garden clubs, and other community organizations. Contact Aimee Petras if you have any education questions.
  •  Online Lesson Plans. FRWA helped develop free, river-based lessons for elementary, middle, and high school teachers! Professionally developed lesson plans that complement the state standards and bring the amazing history, culture, and ecology of the Farmington Valley into the classroom.
  • Publications: Newsletters. Our Farmington River Guide (the only one available) offers a wealth of up-to-date information on boating, fish and wildlife, historic features and geologic structures. We also produce the FRWA News, a quarterly newsletter reporting on current river issues and opportunities to get involved in our work.
  • Canoe trips. For over twenty years, we’ve hosted an interpreted annual canoe trip series with archaeologists, botanists, ecologists, historians, and ornithologists lending their expertise to provide special opportunities to experience, enjoy, and learn about the river.
  • River cleanups. On the first Saturday in October, hundreds of FRWA volunteers collect and recycle trash found along the river and its tributaries. In 2005, 250+ volunteers collected over 6,800 lbs. of trash from the banks of the Farmington and Pequabuck rivers. Day’s end is celebrated with a pizza party for river enthusiasts to meet and socialize.
  • Salmon Stocking. Each spring the FRWA, in conjunction with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection’s Atlantic Salmon Restoration Project, helps to organize volunteers to stock literally millions of salmon fry in the Farmington and other key potential salmon-bearing rivers around the state.
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