• Wild and Scenic Designation, the strongest federal river protection available. FRWA worked for 10 years to achieve this designation on 14 miles of the Upper Farmington to ensure that no federally funded or permitted project would degrade river resources. We are an active member of the Wild & Scenic management committee on the Upper Farmington River (known as the Farmington River Coordinating Committee), and we are advocating for similar designation in the Lower Farmington River (from Canton to Windsor) and Salmon Brook (in East Granby, Granby, and Hartland).
  • Water allocation. We have served on the state’s Water Allocation Task Force as well as on the Board of Rivers Alliance of Connecticut to be actively engaged on ways to better manage freshwater supplies. We pioneered the statewide water diversion law, and strongly support the new statewide minimum stream flow policy that is designed to ensure adequate flows in all rivers and streams of Connecticut.
  • Action Alerts: From time to time FRWA is propelled into getting involved in an issue that affects the Farmington River and its watershed. We will link to those issues here and by clicking through you can learn about the issue we are working on and have the ability to read our public comments and if necessary learn the ways you can take action yourself.
  • Town Land-Use Hearings. We encourage the development and implementation of well thought-out local land use regulations. For example, we promoted the adoption of river protection overlay districts (a form of zoning) in five upper river communities. We also continually monitor local land use board agendas and comment on land use issues that may affect the river and the region’s biodiversity.
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