Safety First!  Are you New/Inexperienced on the Farmington River?
Welcome to FRWA’s page created just for you!  Here we will attempt to get you connected with the information you need to inform you about how to enjoy the Farmington River.

Where do I find out information on river flows?  FRWA’s flows page has links to the USGS gauges which report river flows in relative real time. The NOAA graphs (which are more user-friendly) also show current river depths and how it’s related to flood stages.

How do I know if it is a good idea to go in the river?  First of all, FRWA cannot inform you if you should be in the river or not. But we believe we can give you some good guidance to make that determination on your own.  If you are still unsure of your abilities, we would suggest that you choose not to go in the river and seek out some lessons at one of the great outfitter businesses who make it their job to help you get on the river safely and with the appropriate gear.

Rivers are very unpredictable but there are many guides out there to help you make a decision on whether or not to get on the river.