Distance: 16 miles
Time: 4-5 hours
Towns: Farmington, Avon, Simsbury
Tributaries: Hop Brook, Nod Brook, Salmon Brook
USGS Maps: Avon, New Britain, Tariffville
Access Points: 21-26
Difficulty: Flatwater

PUT-IN: Access Point 21, Rt.4 Bridge, Farmington, CT (41.728497, -72.829473)

Directions:  Travel 0.2 miles west on Rt. 4 from the stoplight at Rt. 10, in the center of Farmington. Cross the bridge and take an immediate left into a driveway leading to a large handicapped friendly parking lot.

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TAKE-OUT: Access Point 26, Tariffville Park, Simsbury, CT (41.91730, -72.76840)

Directions: From Rt. 10 north in Simsbury, take Rt. 315 east for 1.5 miles. Go up the hill and continue straight onto Winthrop Street in the Tarrifville section of Simsbury. Turn left onto Main Street and go .2 miles. Then take a 90° right turn just before the “Hayes Landing” sign into the Park. At the Tariffville Memorial Park sign, take a 90° left turn and continue for another 0.4 miles on an old paved narrow road to a loop turn around next to the river. There is a very good sandy beach take out here, as the river makes a 180° turn. The confluence with Salmon Brook is on the opposite bank. Walk to the sandy beach to become familiar with this take out. Downstream the river gets much harder. You donʼt want to miss it !!

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Rt.4 to Old Farms Road bridge 2.3 miles
Old Farms Road bridge to Rt.44 3.0 miles
Rt.44 to Rt.185 Bridge 3.3 miles
Rt.185 bridge to Drake Hill Bridge 1.8 miles
Drake Hill Bridge to Rt.315 bridge 3.3 miles
Rt.315 bridge to Tariffville Park 2.3 miles


Access Point 22, Alsop Meadows (Rt.44 Bridge), Avon, CT (41.805081, -72.823724)

Directions: From jct. Rt. 44/10 (bottom of Talcott Mountain) go south on Rt. 10 (Waterville Road) for 0.1 miles, then turn right on Nassau Way. Continue straight past a gate on a gravel road for 0.2 miles to a parking lot with another gate. There are 2 access spots at this location. It is important to check them out as a take-out or a put-in location BEFORE you set up your shuttle. The main one, next to the parking lot, is very steep. The one downstream is much easier, but still should be evaluated. This location is found by following the access road back a short distance to a left turn on a less used dirt road. Continue down this dirt road until you see the almost river level put-in or take-out. This also should be evaluated as an access point you are comfortable with.This property is owned by the Town of Avon. For a map of Alsop Meadows, visit Town of Avon’s website.

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Access Point 23, Rt.185 Bridge, Simsbury, CT (41.847956, -72.806841)

Directions: Travel north 3.1 miles on Rt. 10 from jct. Rt. 44/10 in Avon center. Turn right at Rt. 185. Just over the bridge, there are two access points. Taking an immediate left, you will follow a dirt road down into a pleasant park with the renowned Gifford Pinchot Sycamore Tree. Turning right just after the bridge onto Nod Road, take an immediate right into a parking area alongside the river.


Access Point 24, Riverside Road, Simsbury, CT (41.869033, -72.792633)

Directions: Just north of the jct. Rt. 10/167 in Simsbury, turn right onto Drake Hill Road, cross the river and turn left onto Riverside Road. Go 0.3 miles to small access area on left.

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Access Point 25,  Richard E Curtiss Memorial Park, River Road, Simsbury, CT                 (41.898291, -72.779214)

Directions: From jct. Rt. 10/167 in Simsbury, travel 2.1 miles north on Rt. 10. Turn right onto Rt. 315 and go 0.3 miles, taking a left through the park entrance. Park at the loop turnaround next to the river.

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For a description of this segment of the river as well as historical facts, fish, wildlife, and geology consider purchasing our Farmington River Guide.