Distance: 7 miles

Time: 4-5 hours

Towns: Otis and Sandisfield, MA; Colebrook, CT

Tributaries: Fall River (Otis Reservoir), Clam River

USGS Maps: Otis, Tolland Center, Winsted

Access Points: 1-4

Difficulty: Class I-IV

PUT-IN : Access Point 1, Field on Rt.8 North, Otis, MA (42.147089, -73.072591)

Directions : Travel 4.3 miles north on Rt.8 from the intersection of Rt.57. There is a field on the right across the road from the Mt. View Campground. Turn right on a short dirt road that leads down to the river.

IMG_0185 IMG_0184

TAKE-OUT : Access Point 4, Public Boat Launch, Colebrook River Lake, Colebrook, CT (42.021562, -73.051238)

Directions : Travel approximately 1.5 miles south on Rt.8 from MA/CT line. The launch will be on the left.

IMG_0190 IMG_0191


Access Point 2, Bridge Crossing into Tolland State Forest, Sandisfield, MA (42.127492, -73.067699)

Directions: Travel 2.9 miles north on Rt.8 from the intersection with Rt.57. The access, located on the right side of the road, is a picnic rest area with a bridge crossing the river at its northern end. Ample parking is available at the rest area.

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Access Point 3, Old Rt.8, Sandisfield, MA (42.064900 -73.060000)

Directions: On Rt.8 travel 2.4 miles north of the MA/CT line, take the first right (Old Rt.8) after the Farmington River bridge. Proceed south on the road until you see a large field on your right and the river returning next to the road on your left.
There are numerous access points along the way. Pick the best one.

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For a description of this segment of the river as well as historical facts, fish, wildlife and geology consider purchasing our Farmington River Guide.