Running the Faucet on the Farmington: February 18, 2012, 12 noon at the Canton Public Library

You are invited to join FRWA for “Running the Faucet on the Farmington,” a presentation by Tim Anthony, Hydroelectric supervisor, Metropolitan District.

Last fall, Hurricane Irene’s impact would certainly have been worse if the dams on the upper Farmington had not held back some of her floodwaters.  But even on an ordinary day, how is flow from the dams managed so as to comply with regulations and support hydropower, recreation, and aquatic life, as well as protect against floods and droughts?  If you paddle, fish, or live along the Farmington River, you may have wondered — especially as the water rose or fell — how releases from Goodwin Dam and Colebrook River Dam are decided, and how the river’s flow controls came to be.   In his presentation, Tim will share the sometimes-turbulent history of flow management, and then walk you through the current process of turning the tap on a river so as to balance many competing needs on a day-to-day basis.

To be held at the Canton Public Library, Room F, Saturday February 18th at 12 Noon.   Admission is free.