Vote Yes on #2 to Protect State Parks and Forests

Public lands need your vote! The November 6th election offers the chance to protect our state parks, forests, and wildlife management areas. Much of the Farmington River and its tributaries run through state-owned land. Protecting these lands permanently is beneficial to the health of the watershed and for public access to beautiful spots along the river. Your “Yes Vote on Ballot Question #2” can directly affect these public lands now and in the future!

Currently, the Connecticut General Assembly can legally sell, trade or give away state-owned land including state park and state forest land WITHOUT a public hearing. This means that state land can be lost to the public without any public input.

Voting “Yes” on ballot Question #2 would ensure transparency and a higher standard to protect your public lands. If this ballot measure passes, the following would be required BEFORE the CT General Assembly could sell, swap, or give away your public lands:

  • A public hearing; and
  • A 2/3rds vote by the Legislature for State Parks and Forests, Wildlife Management Areas, state-owned agricultural lands, and other valuable state-owned public lands

For more information about Ballot Question #2, go to and

Vote Yes on #2 and help spread the word about this important question!  

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