TvilleStock 2016! Important Announcement! July 22, 23, & 24, 2016

The organizers of the Jamie McEwan 2016 Whitewater Triple Crown have an important announcement:

Jamie McEwan 2016
Whitewater Triple Crown
has become

TvilleStock 2016!
July 22, 23, & 24, 2016

Although a drought has “dampened” our prospects for our traditional Triple Crown, we remain undaunted in our pursuit of whitewater paddling fun. So this year, we are changing up our event and planning a less formal, more festive occasion.

There will be no formal competitions, the river flow is to low for that. Instead we invite everyone to join us to on the river for informal coaching and paddling fun. We will have whitewater professionals with us to teach and inspire. This year it’s about getting out there and “showing up”.

We will be setting up and getting started on Friday, July 22. There will be some slalom gates for practice and learning. Slalom is a great way to improve paddling skills and addictively fun. We will find whatever features the river has for freestyle and river running practice.

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