Spring Cleaning

Spring is on its way!

Get ready to pack away those snow boots and winter coats, open up the windows, and let some fresh air in! 

FRWA has put together some tips and resources to help you get ready for the season and “green up” your spring cleaning.

In the Yard

Spring Cleaning | HivelyIf the melting snow is revealing a mess of dead leaves and twigs, there are plenty of options for getting your yard clean and ready for summer fun. You can buy or build a composting bin for your yard if you have the space, just be careful to put it in an area where debris won’t wash into nearby streams! 

If composting is not the best option for you there are facilities available that will recycle your yard waste. Find your town’s website here or check the table at the bottom of the page to see if yard waste is accepted at your local transfer station, recycling facility, or public works department. you can also drop off yard waste at WeCare of Farmington. 

Check out our River Smart resources for more green landscaping ideas!

In the Home

Lavender essential oil

Chlorine bleach is an organic pollutant that persists in waterways for long periods of time, even after the water has been treated by a facility. Consider using an environmentally friendly disinfectant such as ammonia diluted with water instead.

Many herbs and common household items also have antibacterial properties.


Look to the right for Do-It-Yourself Green Cleaning Recipes ⇒


Letting go can be a good thing, and spring is the perfect time to free up some space and let the sunlight in. Consider donating your lightly used clothing and household items to the Salvation Army or your local thrift store. Many local organizations such as schools, libraries, daycare centers, nursing homes, and animal shelters accept donations as well. A few of these are listed below.

If you would like to add your nonprofit donation wish list here, please send an email to  Heather Geist


Paper towels are handy for quick pick-ups, but they can be costly and wasteful when used for big cleaning projects. Try using old newspapers for giving windows that streak-free shine, and grab a worn-out old t-shirt to use as a cleaning rag. You can reduce single-use plastic waste by refilling your spray bottles from concentrated or wholesale-sized refill bottles, or…

You can make your own natural cleaning solutions from the DIY Green Cleaning recipes on the right side of this page ⇒


Did you know that only 9% of plastic products are recycled? 

We can do better than that.


Not all of that junk lying around the house is garbage. Many common household items can be recycled, although not all are accepted by single-stream recycling programs. You can look up what’s allowed in your recycling bin by clicking the links below


Connecticut Residents:  RecycleCT

Massachusetts Residents:


For items that can’t go in your recycling bin, click the buttons below to search for local facilities.

Simple Recycling





Foam Recycling Coalition



 Avoid these 6 common mistakes when storing leftover paintPill-bottles - Greater Tampa Bay Area Council


Many municipalities offer recycling at their transfer station, department of public works, or recycling center.

Check the table at the bottom of this page to see what your local municipality accepts.

Always be sure to call ahead of time for hours and applicable fees.

Source: Fix.com Blog

Municipal Recycling Table

StateTown WebsitePhoneMattressElectronicsPaintLead-Acid BatteriesMotor OilAntifreezeAppliances w/ freonTiresLeaves, brushFlourescent LightbulbsPropane Tanks
CTBarkhamsted860-379 1972xxxxx
CTCanton860-693-7863 xxxxxxx
CTEast Granby860-653-6822xx
CTHarwinton860-485-2784 x 1121xx xxx
CTNew Hartford860-379 1972xxxxx
MANew Marlborough413-229-2116xxx
MASandisfield413-258-4711 x 7xxxx
CTWindsor Locks860-627-1405xxxxx
CTWinchesterm/860-379 1972xxxxx
CTwolcottct.orgcycling/203-879-8100 x 103xxxxxxxxx