Here’s a message from FRWA’s Executive Director, Bill Dornbos, on FRWA’s commitment to racial and environmental justice:

Since George Floyd’s murder and the ensuing nationwide protests, we have been engaged in intense self-reflection and education about systemic racism in our country, in our lives, and in the environmental movement.

We know our organization, the Farmington River Watershed Association, needs to do more, much more, to help end the systemic racism that excludes people of color from the wonders of the natural world and from the work of groups like ours.

As a nonprofit that cares for a precious river and the watershed lands that sustain it, we can help make a better and more sustainable world by pursuing actions that give justice, access, and equity to people of color.

And so that is what we will do, that is our commitment – one we will seek to pursue daily in our work.  We cannot heal a river unless we also work to heal ourselves.