FRWA Canoe Trip: The River Bottom: Saturday August 15, 2015, 9 am

Meander down the river with FRWA Potamologist, Alisa Phillips-Griggs, and discover the river bottom by canoe.  Join us for a late summer, low flow view of the river bed. What is the river bed composed of and why? Who lives on the bottom of the river, and what are the challenges and opportunities for life on the bottom? What determines where the river flows and where will it go next? Who owns the ground under the river and what happens when the channel shifts? How do trees that fall into the water influence the river and its ecology? How do invasive plants and animals influence the river bed and its native inhabitants? What Junk and trash lies at the bottom of the river and what is its fate? How can we best protect the river bed and its living community?


We’ll flex our paddling muscles and explore the mussels, sandbars and sunken flotsam and jetsam of the river bottom as we ponder what lies beneath.

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