Farmington River News – Coronavirus update

As all of us rise to the challenge of the new coronavirus pandemic, we want you to know that FRWA will continue to pursue its mission while also prioritizing the health and safety of the entire FRWA family – supporters and members, partners and allies, Board members and staff.

This means we have switched to remote working and virtual meetings in these early and most important days of social distancing. Please know we will respond to your call or email as soon as possible – hearing from you is as important as ever!

As we have in the decades since our founding in 1953, we remain here for you — our supporters — and for the Farmington River and its watershed lands. We won’t lose sight of that crucial mission and our core values in this time of shared pandemic defense.

In fact, we’ve been busy –     
In just the last two months, we’ve applied for and won a major grant from Massachusetts to continue our water quality monitoring work in the pristine headwaters of the Farmington River (read more here). We began serving on the Rivers Working Group of the Governor’s Council on Climate Change to help ensure a climate-safe future for rivers and people.  And we’ve been readying two new rain garden projects for installation later this spring in Winsted and in Peoples State Forest in Barkhamsted. 
We’ve been helping set up the new Lower Farmington and Salmon Brook Wild and Scenic Committee.  We continued advocating for a ban on PFAS firefighting foam to keep toxic “forever chemicals” out of the river and the wildlife it nurtures.  And we’ve been examining two dam removal opportunities in Farmington and Bristol. The list really could go on (I haven’t even mentioned our beautiful new riverfront property in New Hartford). Keep an eye on our website for more news and information.
Thank you so much for your support and understanding in this challenging moment. We wish you health and safety! And we urge you, if you can safely do so, to seek solace and sunshine in nature and along our beautiful Farmington River. Being outside will help us stay sane and healthy! Be well.


William E. Dornbos
Executive Director

A moment in the watershed
I spent the other day walking along the Farmington River between Collinsville and Unionville. I am sure many of you have done the same. It gave me time to reflect on everything that has been happening in our community and in the world. Things have been moving so rapidly, with every day more cancellations filling up my inbox and social media feed. I think for many of us, there is a great deal of anxiety. Thankfully, the river is there. A place of solitude. A place to process thoughts. A place to breathe fresh air, watch an eagle sitting on a perch in a tree, or just listen to the sound of the river flowing by. I am thankful that we have such a beautiful watershed and thankful we have a community that cares about the health of the river. I hope you all have the opportunity to spend some time in nature. Stay safe!   – Laura Hart