Fall Lawn Care Part X – Late Season Lawn Care Tasks

Fall lawn care tasks are numerous but usually involve moist soil and since Connecticut was facing a severe drought in many parts of the state we didn’t want to recommend tips requiring watering. But now with the remnants of a hurricane relieving our parched soils, it is time to start reseeding, if you haven’t already. While the weather cools in the coming week, soils should still stay warm enough to germinate grass seed. The timing is right to aerate and apply lime to your lawn. See my tips below.

Did your lawn take a hit during the drought?  You should reseed now. Here is how to get started:

  1. At your local garden center, pick up some grass seed and either fine compost or garden soil to cover the seed. Bonus points if you already ordered microclover for your lawn. (Why microclover? Read more here.)
  2. Go over your lawn with a rake to loosen up and remove any dead or dried grass plants. This will reveal bare patches that we will reseed.
  3. Rough up the soil in these bare patches with a hard toothed garden rake so that the grass seed will have some help getting in contact with the soil.
  4. Spread the grass seed according to the package directions. And then cover the seed lightly according to package directions with whatever you purchased to cover the seed.
  5. Water the grass seed and be sure to keep moist for 3 days and then water every other day until your grass has sprouted and is coming in lush.

Additional Fall Landscaping Tasks:

Apply Lime:  Lime can be applied on your lawn every 4 months. Apply lime according to your soil test results.  In the fall, it is best to wait until drought conditions are over to apply lime as you can further stress plants that are already stressed. 

Aeration:  Aeration should be done once a year.  It’s best to wait until the fall, as there is less competition from weeds and the grass is still in an active growing stage.  You can hire a landscaper to aerate and then apply apply lime, if needed, or rent a core aerator from your local garden center.  It’s easiest to do this task if your soil is moist from either rainfall or a good soaking the day before.