Bacteria For Naturalists – June 7th, 1-3pm

There are far more bacteria on Earth than there are stars in the universe, they make up most of the living biomass on the planet and their influence on the environment is vast and profound, yet due to their microscopic size, they are mostly overlooked. Many bacteria, however, can be identified by macroscopic field marks, characteristics that anyone can see, smell, or sometimes even hear without the use of a microscope. Betsey Dexter Dyer, Professor of Biology at Wheaton College and author of A Field Guide to Bacteria, will lead us on the “mother of all nature walks” as we search through stream, pond, forest and wetland for signs of bacteria.

Note: This walk is oriented towards curious naturalists with some background in biology. Registration is required by 3 days prior by registering online at You can find it by looking through their program listings or by using the following link: