You are currently viewing Virtual Annual Meeting – 10/21/20

Virtual Annual Meeting – 10/21/20

FRWA hosts Senator Murphy and Dr. Leslie for our Annual Meeting. Join us!

Senator Chris Murphy, long-time advocate of the Farmington River, will be sharing an exclusive prerecorded message for us.

Senior Archeologist Dr. David Leslie will be presenting on the recently discovered and oldest known archaeological site in Southern New England. The site is approximately 12,500 years old and was located five feet below the riverbank along the Farmington River in Avon. The Farmington River provided a wealth of important resources for Paleo-Indian peoples, who lived in New England between 10 and 13 thousand years ago, when Connecticut was a cold, dry tundra transitioning to a boreal forest. More than 15 thousand artifacts were recovered, including specialized tools, tool-making debris, burned animal and plant remains, as well as numerous Mire pit and post features, remnants of past campsite and living spaces. In New England, archaeological sites of this time period are incredibly rare, while sites deeply buried by rivers more so. To date, only two deeply buried Paleo-Indian sites adjacent to rivers have been discovered in the region, both in Connecticut. This discovery presents an important opportunity for archaeologists to better understand the daily lives of the first people to inhabit Connecticut and predict the locations of undiscovered archaeological sites from this early time period.

FRWA’s business meeting to follow: To read about the Directors up for re-election and our new nominee, please see their biographies here: 

New Board Nominee
Robin Baran

Nominees for Renewed Three Year Terms
Chip Harrison
John Laudati
Debbie Leonard
John E. Robinson
Vic Schoen

Proposed Slate of Officers for 2020 (One Year Term)
President, Michael Feldman
Vice President, John Laudati
Vice President, Carol Noble
Secretary, Beckie Sahl
Treasurer, Brian Freemen


  • Welcome message from FRWA President
  • Senator Chris Murphy’s message to FRWA members
  • Dr. Leslie’s presentation 
  • FRWA’s business meeting


  • $20 per person
  • $30 per family
  • $10 per student

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