It takes many wet feet and willing hands to take care of a river.  FRWA volunteers clean up riverbanks, restore habitat, collect water samples, organize fundraisers, get the word out about pollution prevention and water conservation, work with town officials, take pictures and videos, design publications, and otherwise give generously of their energy, resources, or special skills.  Volunteers are essential members of the FRWA team!

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Volunteer River Steward Program

     The FRWA is pairing with the Lower Farmington River & Salmon Brook Wild & Scenic Study Committee to start a volunteer river steward program. For this program we are looking for people that are frequent river users to pick a section of river that they would be willing to frequently patrol. This would entail recording recreational activity that is taking place, reporting or cleaning trash, and noting any changes in the river.

If interested in volunteering for the River Steward program please click here.

Volunteer Safety

We truly appreciate our volunteers and the important scientific data that they provide, however our first priority must always be the safety of our water quality monitoring team. To help assure that our volunteers stay safe, the FRWA has developed a sampling safety protocol.

Access the FRWA Sampling Safety Protocol here.

FRWA Volunteer Form

     If you would like to help out protecting the river in other ways, you are very welcome to contact us by phone or email to find out our current needs.  You can also fill out the form below, and THANK YOU for your interest!  

Citizen Science

Connect with the global scientific community by joining a community science program from the institutions below.



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