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What Can You Do?

As we continue to work toward assessing and improving the health of the entire Watershed, there are many actions that we all can take today to improve the current and future health of our watershed:

  • Join the FRWA and Volunteer Your Time and Talents – Support the work of the Watershed by becoming a member and contact us about volunteer opportunities to become an active participant in Watershed Protection!
  • Conserve Water by Using Less Inside and Outside Your Home – Reduce the length of your shower; turn the water off while brushing your teeth and shaving; install low-flow fixtures in showerheads and toilets; capture and reuse rainwater and roof run-off to water your plants; and reduce the need for watering yards by using low-water landscaping. Every little bit helps, so do what you can!
  • Leave Stream Buffers Intact – Do not remove established vegetation from stream banks or wetland edges since it keeps pollutants from reaching our waterways.
  • Eliminate Use of Lawn-Care Pesticides – These chemicals routinely find their way into our surface and groundwater supplies. Pesticides are hazardous to your health (especially children), pets, and wildlife, and they contaminate your water supply.
  • Maintain Septic Systems – Poorly maintained and failing septic systems contribute bacteria and excessive nutrients to streams and groundwater, making them unsafe for drinking or swimming.
  • Enjoy the Farmington River and Its Many Tributaries – Take some time to dip your toes or paddle and splash around in the River. While you do so, please remember how lucky we are to enjoy a River that does so much for so many.

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What Can You Do?

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