Volunteers: The Force Behind Our Success


It takes many wet feet and willing hands to take care of a river.  FRWA volunteers clean up riverbanks, restore habitat, collect water samples, organize fundraisers, get the word out about pollution prevention and water conservation, work with town officials, take pictures and videos, design publications, and otherwise give generously of their energy, resources, or special skills.  Volunteers are essential members of the FRWA team!

Carolyn and Don Ferency, FRWA Water Quality Volunteers

Carolyn Smith and Don Ferency

Carolyn Smith and Don Ferency

Long time FRWA volunteers Carolyn Smith and her husband, Don Ferency, have moved their river passion west to the Columbia River Watershed.  Carolyn and Don became volunteers almost a decade ago as participants in FRWA’s first Streamwalk and Macroinvertebrate sampling programs. They then joined FRWA’s water quality monitoring program, faithfully sampling the Still and Mad River sites in all weather through the seasons ever since FRWA commenced monitoring water quality.  Furthermore, Carolyn was certified to run samples in our bacteria lab and stood in for staff when needed.

The Fabulous Fish for the Farmington Auction and Gala would never have come to fruition without Carolyn, who brainstormed with FRWA staff and spearheaded the fundraising event for the FRWA.

Carolyn and Don’s energy, enthusiasm, creativity, intelligence and passion have enhanced the Farmington River Watershed, their talents now roll on to the Columbia.  Thank you Carolyn and Don, we will miss you.

FRWA River Cleanup Marks 25th Year

Annual River Cleanup 2012 volunteers gather

Annual River Cleanup 2012 volunteers

More than 200 volunteers joined forces for the annual FRWA River Cleanup on September 29th, 2012.  Volunteers of every age gathered in Simsbury, Avon and Collinsville to make sure that the Farmington River remains the jewel that it is and that wayward trash is removed.  School groups, boy scouts and girl scouts joined older volunteers in carrying out the FRWA pledge to preserve and protect our river.

If you would like to become a volunteer too, you are very welcome to contact us by phone or email to find out our current needs.  You can also fill out the form below and send it to us.   And THANK YOU for your interest!

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