Lecture Series: Capturing the Wild and Scenic, August 29th, 7:30-8:30pm

Speaker: Tom Cameron, Photographer

A constant stream of photographs will be used to see the river through different seasons, locations and times of the day.  Most are obtained on the river via kayak, canoe and wading and allow a view of the river that few have a chance to see.  They range between Riverton and Simsbury and include favorite subjects such as classic waterscapes, fog, reflections, mirror-like symmetry, rapids and kayaks, wildlife, trees, webs and even a few abstracts.  Practical considerations for river photography will be included as will a short overview of how & why I use digital photography chong qi cheng bao.

Location: Roaring Brook Nature Center, Canton

To RSVP or for more information, call 860-658-4442.Wild & Scenic Farmington

Photo Credit: Tom Cameron

"Celebrity Rehab for Your Lawn"

Recently FRWA was forwarded an email from the Ecological Landscape Association that had a post about Celebrity Rehab for your Lawns and Soil.  Often people choose chemical lawn care because it is easier but when they start to think of the ecological impacts of their decision they try to convert back to natural lawn care often with mixed results (some would say disastrous).  The article really explains the steps that organic landscapers take to get your soil and lawn back in shape.  This is a great read!  Check it out!

FRWA is a longtime promoter of using organic means to manage your lawn.  If you are unfamiliar with our efforts please visit our pesticide free lawn page here:  http://frwa.org/what-we-do/advocacy/pollutants/pesticide-free-lawn-initiative/

Thursday August 1, 9:00am, Mid-week Morning Paddle with FRWA

Skip out for a cool weekday morning paddle. Come play on the river with us and learn about what FRWA is up to. We’re all coming out for this one.

To participate in any of these events pre-registration is required. Space is limited and trips sell out quickly so please contact FRWA at (860) 658-4442, or email: river@frwa.org to register. 

Canoe trips take from 2-4 hours and paddlers must be able to handle a canoe in flat water. Canoes courtesy of Huck Finn Adventures, Collinsville, CT.  Cost per person: Members: Need a boat: $20; Have a boat: $15; Non-members: Need a boat: $25; Have a boat: $20

Saturday July 20, 9:00am, Farmington River Archeology with Ken Feder

Paddle along our own ancient Native American canoe trail as we explore the fascinating culture of the people who inhabited the Farmington River Valley thousands of years ago. Learn about the latest archeological discoveries from Ken Feder, Professor of Anthropology, Central Connecticut State University, and founder of the Farmington River
Archeology Project.

To participate in any of these events pre-registration is required. Space is limited and trips sell out quickly so please contact FRWA at (860) 658-4442, or email: river@frwa.org to register. 

Canoe trips V?r opm?rksom pa, at du som regel ikke ma spille online roulette i forbindelse med din casino bonus. take from 2-4 hours and paddlers must be able to handle a canoe in flat water. Canoes courtesy of Huck Finn Adventures, Collinsville, CT.  Cost per person: Members: Need a boat: $20; Have a boat: $15; Non-members: Need a boat: $25; Have a boat: $20

A Cautionary Remark on High Flows

Recent tragedies remind us all that the present high flows in the river demand respect.  Before planning an outing at this time, check the river flows.  At this time (mid June after heavy rain), many places are safe only for experts, or simply unsafe.  Links to Farmington River flows at various spots is available at:  http://frwa.org/river-info/river-flows-forecasts/

At any time, what a particular flow level means for YOUR safety depends on many factors.   There is no flow level at which river recreation is guaranteed safe for everyone.  In addition to flow, consider local conditions (such as downed trees, rocks, steep banks, etc.), weather, and your own level of experience and fitness before going in the river.  Use the right equipment, such as life jackets and helmets.  Comments on the flow level’s degree of hazard may be found at http://www.mainstreamcanoe.com/thisRiver.asp?LocationID=2 or (for Tariffville) http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/detail/id/443

An online safety course for paddlers is available at:  http://www.boaterexam.com/paddling/default.aspx


FRWA Wins 2013 Environmental Champion Award

On June 8, FRWA was named a 2013 Environmental Champion (Non-Profit category) by the Aquarion Water Company.  The award, which comes with a $2,500 prize, was presented on June 8, at Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport, by CT DEEP Commissioner Dan Esty.  Also present to recognize the awardees were Aquarion’s President, Chuck Firlotte, Senator Richard Blumenthal, and Representative Elizabeth Esty.

FRWA won out over other strong non-profit candidates because of our sustained team effort to remove Spoonville Dam.  It was described as a success story that illustrates perfectly how FRWA works: by coordinating the support of many, to bring about river restoration that benefits all.  We thank you, and all the partners and supporters who helped FRWA earn this prominent recognition!  See details at http://www.aquarion.com/CT.cfm/section/2013Awards/page/2013AwardWinners

FRWA 60th Anniversary Celebration

Join us at FRWA”s celebration of our 60th year!

Join us at Ski Sundown in New 60thflyerHartford for a swim down memory lane on September 22nd, 2013 from 3 – 8pm at Ski Sundown, New Hartford.

FRWA is hosting a party that will bring together new friends and old to reminisce about our 60-year history. We will have a light program outlining our accomplishments of the past 60 years. Displays, both static and digital, of our 60-year history can be browsed while listening to music from several bands. A BBQ dinner from the Meat House in Avon with snack and refreshments from Blue Sky foods. Cash Bar. RSVP by emailing Aimee, sending a check for $25 per person to FRWA, 749 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury, CT 06070 or by registering online here at the eventbright widget below.

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MDC Proposal to Provide Drinking Water to Mansfield

There is a MDC proposal to provide Farmington River water to the University of Connecticut and the Town of Mansfield.  You can learn more about this proposal here:  http://frwa.org/what-we-do/advocacy/action-alerts/mdc-uconn-proposal/

Dear Farmington River Friends,

This document is to answer any questions you may have about the current position of FRWA regarding a proposal by the Metropolitan District Commission to supply Farmington River water to the University of Connecticut. We thank you for your interest, and invite you to contact us if any further clarification is needed.

UConn has extended its comment period to January 31st on this issue and will be hosting a public hearing on this proposal in the Farmington Valley on January 22 at 7 pm in the Human Resources Training Room at the UConn Health Center’s Munson Building, 16 Munson Road, Farmington.

Eileen Fielding
Executive Director

FRWA Prevented from Commenting on MDC Proposal

Attorneys for the MDC have drawn FRWA’s attention to an agreement that was signed in 1998 to settle the controversy that arose from an earlier MDC attempt to divert water from the Farmington River. The MDC maintains that the agreement forbids FRWA’s advocacy in connection with the current controversy regarding a proposed diversion of millions of gallons to service UConn and its environs.

Given the MDC’s position, FRWA has decided to refrain from advocacy in this matter at this point.

FRWA and its legal counsel have met with MDC and its attorneys to discuss the 1998 agreement and its legal and practical implications.

Accordingly, FRWA withdraws any comments it made before MDC’s attorneys demanded that it cease and desist. The more than four hundred signatures placed on its petition in the few days that it was open will not be delivered. FRWA expresses no official opinion at this point about the MDC proposal.

FRWA will continue to post links to informative published information on its website. Another river-oriented group that might be helpful to interested persons is Rivers Alliance, whose website is www.riversalliance.org. Rivers Alliance is completely independent of FRWA.

Individual FRWA members and other concerned citizens may wish to voice their opinions and to petition their government leaders.

Among the possible recipients of comments are:
daniel.esty@ct.gov [Mr. Esty heads the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection]
kevin.witkos@cga.ct.gov [Mr. Witkos is the state senator for part of the Farmington Valley]  and other town and state officials and news outlets

Below, “Comments are closed” means that you cannot comment on FRWA’s blog.  You can however comment to jason.coite@uconn.edu until January 31